He Never Died


Hey! Before you read this article, I wanted to say a few things. I feel like this is one of those “less is more” types of movies. The less you know about it, the better it is. To this end, I try not to go into too much detail beyond the first few minutes of the movie, or discuss anything that you wouldn’t be able to gather from the title of the movie.
Also, do not watch the trailer for this film! While it doesn’t really spoil the whole movie or anything, I feel like it tells you way more than it should. It features a couple of pretty major plot points.

He Never Died is kinda difficult to categorIze, as far as films go. It’s an action movie, but it also has some pretty strong comedy/horror elements as well.

Jack  (played by Henry Rollins) lives a simple life. He sleeps away most of the day, goes to bingo, and eats the same thing every day. He lives a clean life too – he doesn’t drink or get high, he doesn’t smoke or eat meat. He doesn’t talk much either, and it seems that that’s the way he likes things.
That is, until one day when he gets an unexpected knock on his door, and two thugs try to rough him up for information. Jack quickly dispatches the goons, and unknowingly sets in motion events that are going to disrupt the life that he’s built for himself.

He Never Died is a film with a simple, well told story. I’ve heard mention of how obviously low the budget was, but it’s something that didn’t even occur to me until it was brought up. The production values are all outstanding, the cinematography, the writing, the acting, are all great – the only hints to budget restraints is that a lot of the violence and gore is implied.

The best part: 108 Media, the company who produced the film, is looking to create a mini-series to further explore the story – with Henry Rollins attached to return as Jack, as well as the same writer/director!

Seriously though, who could say no to this handsome mug!



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