Movie Night!


Recently, Chris and I sat down and had a movie night. I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like to lately, so I thought that in order to give myself something to do – I’d get back to this blog, and start updating with movies, in addition to books.

So, we watched the following movies, which I’ll post short blurbs about below. Hooray! In order, we watched: The Loved Ones, Burning Bright, The Cottage, A Perfect Getaway, Delicatessen , and Trick ‘r Treat.

I’m gonna create a custom photo for movie nights soon, but for now, since I’m updating from work, please accept my humblest apologies, and this stock image I borrowed from Ghetty Images.




The Loved Ones. 3/5
For the last few months, The Loved Ones has been coming highly recommended. It’s been on numerous “top horror” and “movies you should check out” types of lists, and it’s got a 98% on rotten tomatoes, which is pretty impressive in my eyes.

I thought it was ok. Nothing great, but not terrible by any means. There are a few truly horrifying, jaw dropping moments. I’ve seen a few other movies like this though, and I guess they’re just not my cup of tea.
Angsty teenager rejects girl who asks him to dance because he’s already got a date – he’s polite about it. So, girl has her dad kidnap him, and put on a prom-like dance at their house, except with torture. There’s some side-plots that are interesting, and the story went a little deeper than I expected it to.


Burning Bright. 5/5

 Honestly, I was totally surprised by this one. The concept of the movie pretty much says it all. A young woman is stuck in a house during a hurricane with a tiger and her autistic brother. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect as far as story went, or even as far as content. I was afraid it would be some shitty “Life of Pi” knockoff. I was afraid that it was going to be the journey of a young woman making peace with her younger brothers disorder, or that it was going to be some ridiculous, totally unrealistic depiction of autism. But I was completely blown away by this movie.

Burning Bright had a completely different type of thrill and terror than your typical action/horror/thriller type of movie. The lead character was cool and identifiable, and surprisingly not at all sexualized despite spending most of the movie running around in booty-shorts and a tank top.


The Cottage. 5/5

The Cottage is a horror comedy about two bungling brothers, David and Peter, who kidnap the step-daughter of an underworld crime boss. Things quickly get out of hand, and hilarity ensues. It’s really hard to get into how the goofball crime comedy turns into a horror movie without giving too much away, but it’s worth a watch. Hilarious the whole way through, even when you’re mortified by what you’re seeing, the comedy aspect shines through.  Also, the villain is way better looking in film than he is on the poster/cover, so don’t let that turn you off.




A Perfect Getaway. 5/5

 I swear, I don’t usually give so many things such high ratings. It was just a great night for movies!

When Chris asked if I wanted to watch A Perfect Getaway, I had a hard time saying no. It has Chris Hemsworth, Steve Zahn, and Timothy Olyphant in it, and they are all straight up hot dudes. Plus, I like everything I’ve seen Zahn and Olyphant in, plus most of what I’ve seen Hemsworth in. But I was pleasantly surprised, and blown away by this one.

A young, newlywed couple is honeymooning in Hawaii. While there, they come across a couple of drifters, who they have an iffy interaction with. Shortly thereafter, they find out that a newlywed couple was murdered by some mainlanders, who are also traveling as a male/female couple. A little later, they come across another couple, after receiving news that the murderers are believed to have hopped to the same Island that they have. All three couples fit the profiles of the killers, and you’re left to question who, if any, are the killers.

The first good chunk of the movie is a slow, thrilling buildup, and the end just plain fucking awesome. For a movie I watched for eye candy first, and story second, I was totally surprised by how much it pulled me in.


Delicatessen. 2/5
I did not like this movie. I’m sorry! I was a big fan of Amelie, and A Very Long Engagement, and seeing as this was by the same director, I thought I’d enjoy it. Plus, it came highly recommended by a few people that I generally think of as having good taste, and the premise sounded pretty cool.

It’s about a butcher in post-apocalyptic France, who hires people to work as a super in the apartment complex he owns, and then kills them, butchers them, and feeds them to his tenants. This time, however, things change when his daughter falls for the new guy.

I get the idea behind it. I get how clever the set design, the writing, and filmography is. I just couldn’t get into it. I guess this is one where I have to say “It just wasn’t for me”. Womp womp.


Trick ‘r Treat. 3/5

I can’t stand Anna Paquin for reasons that I don’t entirely understand. I didn’t seem to mind her so much as Rogue in the X-Men series, but I wasn’t a huge fan of her in it, either. I have refused to watch past the 2nd episode of True Blood because of her. It’s just a combination of various features about her that she has no control over that just drive me bat-shit crazy. But especially in this movie. I was down for a horror movie about Halloween. Maybe a little skeptical, but I was cool with it. And then she walked on screen, and it was over for me.

So. Trick ‘r’ Treat is comprised of 4 stories, plus an opening “mini-story” and a closing that ties all o f the stories together. Of the four stories, there was only one that I didn’t really care for. I actually liked Paquins story! Not a bad Halloween movie. Not great, not bad. Pretty middle of the road.

What I thought was really interesting about Trick ‘r’ Treat was that based on the opening credits, it seemed like it was based on a series of comic books, but apparently it was the other way around. There was a series of 4 comics based around the four stories from the film that were supposed to be released, leading up to the release of the film, but because of the release being pushed back, and then eventually being released straight to DVD two years later, they ended up releasing the book in the form of graphic novel around the same time as the DVD release.


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