About the Blog

Hey there, my name’s Drew, and this is my blog about books (and probably other things too).

The name “Ha Ha Hair-Trigger” comes from the Series of Unfortunate Events books by Lemony Snicket. In one of the books, Count Olaf is developing a series of unique laughs, and this is one of them. I liked the sound of it, and spent some time trying to think of a project to attach to that title.  Once I decided to start a blog about books, using this title just came naturally.

In my reviews, I plan on addressing first the concept of the book – giving a brief summary of what the book is about. Pretty self-explanatory. From there we’ll move to exposition – how the book is presented. Here, we’ll discuss methods of storytelling that are used, and how effective they are or aren’t. Then we’ll talk about what I did, and did not like about the book, introducing new points, and retouching and/or expanding on things that had previously been mentioned. The, I’ll address any final thoughts I had on the book, then give the book an overall grade.

This is, of course, all in theory.

The intent behind the book reviews is to help people find books that they may like, by comparing my opinions, as stated in previous reviews, to their own.

I’m always looking for recommendations – I’ll pretty much read anything (besides Dean Koontz. Because he’s awful).