About Me

Like I said on the About the Blog page, my name’s Drew.

I’m in my mid twenties, and grew up in Chicago, where I worked as an EMT-Basic, among other things. In December of 2014, we made he move to Portland, OR, which is petty rad s far. I live with my domestic partner Chris, who I sometimes refer to as my boyfriend, but that’s mostly because Domestic Partner sounds wordy to me, and DP just has a whole different set of connotations attached to it.

We have two dogs, Max and Taco (I’ll throw some pics up here later, if you want. Because who doesn’t like looking at pictures of cute dogs), who we got from shelters in Chicago.

I like to read and write, though I have a hard time with writing because committing the time and energy to it is a struggle for me – I mean hell, look at how infrequently I update this blog.

I don’t really know what else to tell you guys.  Here’s a contact form in case you have any questions.